• The student is responsible for ensuring this record is completed and submitted to Faculty
  • Students should complete 37.5 hours each week and MUST NOT exceed 48 hours (including study days)
  • The Practice Supervisor / Assessor must sign to confirm the student's practice hours completed at the end of each practice activity
  • N.B. It is the Practice Assessor's responsibility to confirm the overall practice hours completed at the end of the placement, which can be found at the bottom of the page
Student name: Test Student
Cohort: test
University: Test HEI
Module No: test
Placement: PARE Hospital - Test Ward
Date: 1st Jan 2022 15th Jan 2022
Practice Assessor: Test Mentor
Practice Assessor Email: 404774229505@onlinepare.net
Activity Types:
Practice,  Night Shift,  Practice Related Activity,  University Theory Hours,  Planned Leave,  Unplanned Leave,  Day Off,  Absent,  Sick,  Special Leave
  • Week : 27th Dec 2021 0h 00m
  • Week : 3rd Jan 2022 0h 00m
  • Week : 10th Jan 2022 0h 00m

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